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Mr. Dilbag Singh

Director General

DIRECTOR GENERAL, Millennial India International Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture

Mr. Dilbag Singh, Former Director, Ministry of External Affairs.Having served more than 35 years in Ministry of External Affairs, Mr. Dilbag Singh attained vast and diversified experience in different areas such as Commerce, Administration, Finance, Establishment, Passport and Visa, etc. in various Indian Missions abroad and in the Ministry.

In the Indian Missions in Russia, Czech Republic, Canada, Yemen, Mr. Singh had handled, efficiently and professionally, various economic and commercial matters. He had coordinated, skillfully and successfully, various business events which were organized in foreign countries by Indian Chambers of Commerce, Export Promotion Councils, FIEO, ITPO, Leather Council, Tea Board, Coffee Board, Spice Board, NASSCOM, PMFA, etc. He extended all possible assistance to the Indian companies participating in local exhibitions, trade fairs, business seminars, and related events and organized meetings with the local businessmen and industry leaders. Other related matters such as enhancement of trade and economic cooperation and coordination among large number of institutionalised mechanisms at governmental and non-governmental levels were also handled.

In other Indian Missions in Colombia, Argentina, Bhutan, he handled matters relating to administration, accounts and finance, establishment, consular etc. He coordinated in successful evacuation of more 6500 Indian and foreign nationals from war zones in Yemen in April, 2015.

Mr. Nitish Sharma

Additional Director

ADDITIONAL DIRECTOR, Millennial India International Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture

Mr. Nitish Sharma has diverse experience of more than 15 years in IT professional industry, sales, marketing and entrepreneurship, with outstanding record of driving business growth through strategic leadership and innovative solutions. He has dynamic passion for navigating the intersection of technology and business to achieve lasting success for the organization he belongs to.

In his career Mr. Nitish Sharma successfully has led multiple teams to implement cutting-edge technology solutions, ensuring seamless operations and client satisfaction and has been instrumental in forging strong partnerships and driving revenue growth.

Holding degrees in B.Tech and MBA, combines academic rigor with real-world experience. He has a keen understanding of the US and UK markets, digital marketing leveraging this knowledge to steer our organization towards international success.

Having ventured into start-ups, he founded and scaled successfully, showcasing ability to identify market opportunities and capitalize on them effectively. His commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and fostering a culture of innovation has consistently positioned teams and businesses for success.