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natural resources

Natural Resources (Water, Minerals And Bio Products)

International Resource Panel Report says material resource use expected to reach nearly 90 billion tonnes in 2017, and may be more than double by 2050. Without greater resource efficiency, Sustainable Development Goals will not succeed. Resource efficiency policies and initiatives can cut resource use 26 per cent, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an additional 15-20 per cent, by 2050. Extraction of material resources – biomass, fossil fuels and non-metallic minerals – from the Earth could reach 88.6 billion tonnes in 2017, or three times that used in 1970, according to estimates from the International Resource Panel.

Since global material resource use is likely to be more than double by 2050 on current trends, the global economy must embrace resource efficiency to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Focusing on single resources, single economic sectors, or single environmental and health impacts will not achieve the collective visions of the Sustainable Development Goals,” it says. “… A systems approach connects the flow of resources – from extraction through to final waste disposal – with their use and impact on the environment, economies and societies at each stage of the life-cycle. MIICCIA's trusted consultants and professional advisors use their wealth of industry based experience, knowledge and expertise to help our clients evaluate their strategic business options, improve management, control, and identify cost saving initiatives which will enhance the industry.