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Miiccia Leaflet

Certificate Of Origin

The Millennial India International Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture is authorized to issues non preferential Certificate of Origin in respect of goods exported from India. The MIICCIA Chamber also attests Export Documents like Invoices, Packing List, and Declaration etc. as required by the applicant for facilitating their trade is an integral part of export documents.

For Certificate of Origin, a member needs to provide an Indemnity Bond on a Non- Judicial Stamp Paper of Rs. 100/-(Along with KYC for Non Members.) On registration, the member will be provided with a registration number which has to be quoted on each application for certification.

For downloading forms, please click on the below links:-

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  • Stamp paper should be purchased in the name of the Company/Establishment.
  • The Bond shall only be signed by the Director/Partner/Proprietor of the Company. After due process, it will be entered in the MIICCIA records and the exporter shall be given a registration number by the MIICCIA.
  • Bond should be required to be submitted with the profile of the Company/Establishment, PAN, I/EC Registration document, Signatures of those authorized to sign the Certificates
  • After registration at MIICCIA on every occasion of submission of application for Certificate of Origin the Registration Number with MIICCIA must be mentioned for reference.

Documents to be submitted along with application for Procurement of Certificate of Origin:-

  • A covering letter (on Original Letterhead) addressed to the Secretory General, MILLENIAL INDIA INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, for issue of a Certificate of Origin / Certification of copies of Invoices / Packing List etc.
  • In case of submission by Authorized Signatory attested copy of authorization letter must be attached.
  • Completed Certificate of Origin Form Plus (one additional copy for our records). Blank Certificate of Origin Forms must be purchased from MIICCIA at a cost of Rs 70/- per set of 50 pc.
  • Along with Invoice, Packing List, Letter of Credit or Purchase Order or E-mail order (whichever is relevant) all the documents must be stamped and signed by the ExporterApplicant.
  • In case of goods which have been imported prior to being exported to another country, relevant clearance certificates from Customs Dept. must be submitted to show that the goods entered the country legally after payment of all necessary taxes and duties.
  • The exporter must submit an additional set of documents for records of MIICCIA with each application for Certificate of Origin.
  • Cost of issuing Certificate of Origin will depend on the number of pages submitted.
  • Documents received by 5 pm will be processed the same day.

Attestation of Documents including agency Agreement/Power of Attorney and others Certificates etc.

  Specimen of Indemnity Bonds
  KYC for Non-Members


The Information made available here are purely as a measure to give basic knowledge to our accredited members. The provisions of the Acts, Rules, Notifications and Circulars or instructions shall prevail as per current Law. The Millennium India International Chamber of Commerce Industries & Agriculture will not be liable for any consequences, legal or otherwise, arising out of the use of any such information given here.